The 2017 Longlist | The Good Funeral Awards

This year to make it easier for people to find their nominations, we’re listing them as companies and individuals.

The individuals first, followed by the companies.

The following individuals have been nominated:

Alan Lister

Angela Bailey

Anna Lyons

Annette Furley

Barbara Scrimshaw

Barry Waples

Cara Mair

Carol Higgins

Cath Pratley / Tosh Abbott

Chantal Lockey

Charles Muglestone (Right Revd.)

Christine Jolly

Christyan James (Fr.)

Claire Turnham

Clive Cappleman

Clive Leverton

Colette Robinson

Colin Liddell

David Crayton

David Homer

David Ledger

Dominic Lister

Drew Rush

Emma Curtis

Felicity Warner

Frances Tulley

Glynes Mewton

Helen McLean

Helen Williams

Howard Hodgson

Hugh Milsom

Ian Willox

James Rogers

Janet Cheal

Jane Morgan

Janet Qualters

Jason Kiely

Jeremy Field

Julia Samuel

Julie Hillman

Justine Wykerd

Kate Tym & Kate Dyer

Kathryn Sansom

Kirsty Sailes

Lara-Rose Iredale

Laura Jane Smith (Dr.)

Lindis Pattison-Tadman

Lindy Irving

Liz Alman

Liz Rothschild

Lizzie Neville

Lorraine Aitken

Louise Cook

Lucy Coulbert

Lucy Talbot

Lyn Baylis

Martin House

May Andrews

Michael Tiney

Natalie Newbury

Natasha Bradshaw

Nicole Turner

Oliver Bird

Paul Jansen

Pauline Hyde-Coomber

Persephone Salway

Rebecca Sharp

Rhys Askham

Richard Hooker

Roger Knight

Rosalie Kuyvenhoven

Rosie Orr

Sally Ward

Sarah Tully

Simon Dyer

Stacey Pitsillides

Steve Stacey

Stuart Preston

Susie Bearne

Terri Shanks

Victoria Fisher

Victoria McKeegan

Wendy Birch (Dr.)

Wendy Coulton

Yvonne Harper

The following companies have been nominated:

A. W. Lymn

The Family Funeral Service

Amber Valley Memorial Park & Crematorium

Ann Bates Ceramics

ARKA Original Funerals

Attwood Funerals

Bewley & Merrett Funeral Directors

Brighton Death Forum


Bungard Funeral Directors

Butterfly Memorial Garden

C. S. Boswell Independent Funeral Directors

Cardiff & Glamorgan Memorial Park & Crematorium

Cardiff Bereavement Services

Classic Flowers Maidstone

Coffin Club

Compassionate Funerals

Cradle To Grave

Crescent Funerals

Dandelion Farewells

Denbighshire Memorial Park & Crematorium

Earth to Heaven


Edd Frost & Daughters

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground

Fosters Funeral Directors

Full Circle Funerals


Funeral Choice

Funeral Zone

G. Collins & Sons

Gimcrack Productions

Go Simply Funerals

Golders Green Crematorium

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

Harrison Funeral Home

Harrison Low Cost Funerals

Heatherley Wood Woodland

Holly’s Funerals

Home Funeral Network – Funerals To Die For


J. C. Atkinson & Son Ltd.

J. Godfrey & Son Ltd.

Kettering Crematorium

Kirkleatham Memorial Park & Crematorium

Leverton & Sons

Life, Death & the Rest (Arnos Vale Cemetery)

Life, Death, Whatever

Meadow Wood Pet Cemetery

Medfest 2017

Matters of Life & Death

Melville & Daughters

Memoria Low Cost Funerals Ltd.

Moribund (Gimcrack Productions)

Mortlake Crematorium

Nelson’s Journey Youth Panel’s Smartphone App.

O’Dwyer Funeral Service

Only With Love

Passionate Flowers

Perry & Phillips Funeral Directors

Pushing Up Daisies

Things Left Unsaid

Respect Direct Funeral Services

Rocket Catering

Rose Funerals Ltd.

Rounce Funeral Services

Sacred Stones

Scattering Ashes

Seven Hills Crematorium

Sick Festival

South Leicestershire Memorial Park & Crematorium

South Oxfordshire Crematorium & Memorial Park

Still Loved Documentary

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Services

Tea & Sympathy

The Art of Dying Well

The Good Grief Project

The Individual Funeral Company

The Natural Death Centre

The Natural Burial Company – Scraptoft Burial Ground

The Team at Cardiff Thornhill Crematorium

Thornhill Crematorium Cardiff

Varley & Varley Funeral Directors

Veteran Bereavement Support

W. E. Pinder & Son Ltd.

Waveney Memorial Park & Crematorium

Westmill Woodland Burial

Woodland Wishes

Woodvale Crematorium