Bournemouth To Host The First Trade Awards For The Funeral Industry

If you’re involved in the funeral business promoting your services can be a delicate subject.

It’s not easy to get the public to think about funerals when they’re going about their daily business.

The Good Funeral Awards combines gravitas with humour, which, to date, has meant that we’ve secured coverage in local newspapers, on radio, television and social media.

We want to stimulate conversations about the type of funeral people want to choose. And we want to draw attention to the preparation that needs to go into planning your own funeral and the funerals of your loved ones.

In 2012 we’ve got Pat Butcher aka Pam St Clement to present the awards and we’ve got a whole weekend of lectures and discussions about the future direction of funeral world.

If you’d like to be associated with the pioneers, please download our list of sponsorship opportunities.

Click here to download the options for sponsoring the Good Funeral Awards 2012 in Bournemouth