The Good Funeral Awards

Ghost Tour of Bournemouth Town Hall

2 September, 2012

Bournemouth Town Hall by Graffity

Michael Stead, from Bournemouth Libraries, will lead a ghost tour of Bournemouth Town Hall on Saturday 8 September 2012, as part of The Good Funeral Awards.

The tour is free to anyone who wishes to go along.

The Town Hall started off life as a hotel, the Mont Dore, which opened in 1885. This lasted until the First World War, when the hotel was used as a hospital, for Indian and British soldiers. Later it became a convalescent home. In 1919 the Council bought it to turn it into the Town Hall. Since the demolition of the Grand Hall to make way for the 1990 extension, there have been few sightings of ghosts, although odd noises and presences still persist.

Reducing stories to their common denominators, there are several basic themes: patrolling soldiers; incorporeal nurses; unseen presences, and an assortment of rooftop suicides.

You need to gather at the entrance of the Town Hall on Bourne Avenue at 3.30pm. Call 07545 232980 if you wish to register.