The Good Funeral Awards

Funeral ‘Oscars’ Launched

24 August, 2012

A funeral ‘Oscar’ trophy designed by Sunset Coffins

The UK’s first-ever funeral awards attracted 149 nominations in 14 categories. The leading nominees will now be invited to an inaugural awards ceremony in Bournemouth on Friday 7 September.

A collaboration between the Good Funeral Guide website ( and the Bournemouth Joy of Death Festival (, the winners will receive small coffin ‘Oscars’ in recognition of their outstanding service to the bereaved. Categories range from embalmer of the year, to the Eternal Slumber coffin supplier of the year, to gravedigger of the year.

The ceremony at the Green House Hotel will showcase some of the more unusual services of the funeral industry including alternative hearses and bespoke coffins.

“We solicited nominations from the public and from within the industry and we got an overwhelming response.” said organiser, Brian Jenner. “We’ve been moved by the stories of very special funerals organised by outstanding members of the profession.”

“We are going to sing the praises of the unsung heroes of a much misunderstood industry.” said Charles Cowling, editor of the Good Funeral Guide.

The Bournemouth Joy of Death Festival runs from 7-9 September. Speakers include undertakers, funeral celebrants and the former Chief Obituary writer of the Daily Telegraph.

The trophies have been specially designed by Dursley in Gloucestershire