The Good Funeral Awards

Coffin Exhibition in Bournemouth Triangle

5 July, 2011

We have permission from Bournemouth Council to host a Six Feet Under exhibition in Bournemouth Triangle on the Saturday and Sunday of the convention. The Triangle is the home to the town’s gay community.

To make the event compact we have also decided to move the lectures to Bournemouth Library.

We have the Triangle space which we intend to fill with exhibitors of woolly coffins, willow coffins, wicker coffins and the huge caskets that were on display in the Fisher’s front room. We also want to encourage cardboard coffin decorating and posing for photos in a comfy box of your choice.

Since this is the first convention, we’re open to suggestions. If you can suggest any funeral-related activities which you think would appeal, please get in touch. We’d like to engage a New Orleans funeral jazz band to perform through the town. We’re looking for a sponsor.