The Good Funeral Awards


23 June, 2011

When you’re organising a big event, you have to go through torturous days of self-doubt. Especially organising something as left-field as a Six Feet Under convention. While there is a dedicated gang of thanatophiles, speaking to them often obscures your judgement, because they utterly get it, while others react in odd ways and seem to find the idea quite disturbing. Some people find coffins upsetting, but as my colleague Charles Cowling points out, Christianity uses he image of a man nailed to a cross. Isn’t that troubling?

Preparing for the convention I’ve been rewatching episodes and I just bought the book, Six Feet Under – Better Living Through Death Every thing I look at convinces me we can challenge the death-deniers and put on a great show. Here, for example, is one of the most uplifting music videos featuring highlights from the series.