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I May Very Well Vomit…The Snoopy Dance…Responses From Fans

13 April, 2011

It’s a vulnerable business advertising to the world that you’re going to put on a convention for people with a morbid fascination with death in general and a love of Six Feet Under in particular. Each morning I check my email account to see if I’ve had any feedback from visitors to the site. One or two emails have reinforced my view that we’re going to get an excellent response and it’s pleasant to see how fans of SFU choose to express their delight in very special ways.

Just found out about the Six Feet Under convention through the MA at Winchester that I’m starting in September. Basically so excited that I may very well vomit, and will be booking my ticket in the morning. Am however nervous about going alone and not knowing people. Wondered if lots of people felt like that and would maybe enjoy a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Wondered if you wanted to let people know?

I think this conference idea is bloody amazing by the way and can’t wait.


As a qualified embalmer and Six Feet Under enthusiast, I find myself doing the Snoopy dance at reading your post Brian…
I reckon you could put me and my chums down for 40 ish tickets!