The Good Funeral Awards


10 March, 2011

For the first year, we intend to put on a weekend that embodies the spirit of Six Feet Under, rather than finding people who were part of the making of the series. That means embracing some unusual speakers and looking at things that cover similar ground.

Having mentioned that we want to put on Harold & Maude, someone suggested Departures. Departures is a Japanese film about a young musician who falls on hard times and ends up working in a funeral parlour. It won the foreign film Oscar in 2009.

It turns out to be a slow, subtle but very moving film. It looks at Japanese rituals around death. It shows human beings fighting and becoming reconciled. It blends chance and choice with beautiful nuances. It gets to grips with the mystery of death and the problems of life. Like Six Feet Under it manages to be funny, spiritual, serious and sad. We’ll do our best to get it shown somewhere in the town during the weekend. If you can’t wait, here it is on AmazonĀ Departures [DVD] [2008]